Security is an evolving challenge both for organizations and for defenders. We believe that our rich experience and our security services can effectively decrease the attack surface of your organization.

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About us

Founded in 2018, E.V.A Information Security is an offensive-security group nowadays working with global companies in the financial, banking, e-commerce, insurance, online gaming, and many more sectors. We are equipped with rich experience in the cybersecurity landscape, providing red-team, penetration testing, training, and other activities, to assist organizations in effectively using and protecting their critical assets.
Our cutting-edge team is armed with curiosity, skills, patience, and desire to find the most critical vulnerabilities, effectively decreasing the attack surface of our clients.


Security & Beyond

Offensive Security Services

Information systems and networks are subject to serious threats that can have adverse effects on organizational operations and assets, individuals, other organizations, and nations by exploiting both known and unknown vulnerabilities to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the information being processed, stored, or transmitted by those systems.
E.V.A Information Security is equipped with rich implementation experience in penetration testing, providing evaluation, planning, and implementation of information security activities that are aligned to organizational business strategy, to assist organizations in effectively using and protecting their critical data assets.

Assessments and
Penetration Testing

A penetration test is an attempt to evaluate the security of theorganization’s assets (applications, infrastructure, mobile, etc.) by exploiting vulnerabilities. Our team performspenetration tests on Web applications, Mobile (Android & iOS) applications, Infrastructure, Wi-Fi, and more, according to the OWASP and NIST methodologies

Red Team Activity

Red Team activity provides a clear picture of where and how a threat actor can breach the company, proceed to the company’s crown jewels (lateral movement), and how much damage that will cause to the company Use of various known and self-invented techniques together intelligence (OSINT, Social Networks, Mapping external assets), and perform Social Engineering attacks

Phishing Simulation

Phishing is an attempt to steal personal information or break into accounts using deceptive emails, messages, ads, or sites that look similar to sites you already us.It increases employee awareness by crafting customized emails to the employees using custom templates that will best fit the target

Cloud Security

Cloud penetration testing is designed to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a cloud system to improve its overall security posture. Cloud penetration testing helps to: Identify risks, vulnerabilities, and gaps. Impact of exploitable vulnerabilities. Determine how to leverage any access obtained via exploitation.

Network Security

Once an attacker has gained access to your environment, the real challenge begins. threat actors often under the radar, may gain access to sensitive internal applications and databases, disguising themselves as legitimate corporate users.

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